Stop Talking. Take Action!

I Did It!

Every night we slept in the car-I’m thinking, “I have I lost my mind?” The answer is, Yes! Completely nuts, but at least I took action. People daydream all day long; thinking about the things we want in life yet we never take action. The first step is to stop talking and take action. You have to propel yourself forward. If you don’t push nothing is ever going to change.

Untrained Slackers McArthur-Burney Falls

Challenge Your Comfort

Say your affirmations and do your vision boards. BUT…get shit done! You have to leave your comfort zone. The first night we slept in the car it was horrible. Uncomfortably hot-I parked in a bad location-people drove by all night with bright headlights. Very nerve racking, though, by day four the kinks were worked out. Far from perfect but slowly improvements happened.

Untrained Slackers Kings Creek Falls

Lesson Learned

Being spontaneous isn’t always the best. The snow took us by surprise. Only wearing a hoodie and flip-flops, needless to say, I was cold. Sub-optimum circumstances mixed with complete optimism left no time to feel down on my luck. I’ll consider this a learning lesson, now I know, maybe, checking weather reports is a good idea.

Sarah Woodward in the Snow

Next Destination

Eureka Springs, Arkansas here I come! I’m not sure which route I will take. You will discover which direction I go in the next post. Remember, you can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a risk on something you love.

Want More?

I post all my videos on the website. Watch more by clicking here. Next time you see me I’ll be on my way to Eureka Springs.

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Camille Lalala
Camille Lalala

Wow! I love the end with the fog rolling over the water!
I love that you’re doing this. You’re one of the greats! I believe in your passion and am so grateful I can live through you on this journey. You have a great eye ? can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next! ?