Untrained Slackers

Sarah Woodward, a silly individual with the charm of a stinky toddler. She brings you action-packed entertainment with her crazy spontaneous ideas. Oh, she is also the master of dorkiness, which is part of her obnoxious magnetism.


Sarah Woodward, Untrained Slackers


Sarah Woodward is an edgy multi-media artist who thrives on thinking outside of the box. She is known for her quick-cut editing style, crisp slow-mo footage, and an eye for detail. Sarah focuses her inspiration on the eccentricities of authenticity. She prefers to tell the story of humanity showing that real life can be more visually interesting than anything fiction.

Sarah takes big risks; inspiring her audience to take action on their dreams. She reveals how society restricts you with expectations holding you back. It's okay to be lost and confused. We need that dismay to learn and grow into better people. Sarah believes you must adapt in order to create opportunities to achieve success & happiness.

Take life for a ride!

"It's all about the leap of faith. Open your heart-let the wild child in you free and allow your spirit to roam!" -Sarah Woodward