VidCon 2018: We Brought LEGO



Hello, all of you established and hopeful YouTubers and LEGO fans! This years Vidcon was an event to remember! From Casey Neistat to newbie vloggers alike, VidCon brought us all on an incredible journey of creativity! VidCon is a multi-genre online video conference held in Southern California. The event was first established in 2010 by Vlog brothers, John and Hank Green to have a place for people online to meet in real life. As a result, it has grown from 1,400 to over 30,000 attendees.

Untrained Slackers VidCon Mania

Vloggers from The Untrained Slackers joined this year’s VidCon events with team support Kobe, the dog! With a background specialty in cinematography mixed with uncanny humor, Sarah Woodward brings stunning content, exquisite shots, and adorable antics. Her most recent ingenious subject matter you may ask? LEGO structures! Lots and lots of LEGO.

Millions of LEGO fanatics around the globe and 40 known master LEGO builders can’t be wrong! The small plastic blocks have been bringing people joy since 1947. Fun fact: LEGO was originated by a man name Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891–1958) a carpenter from Billund, Denmark, who began creating wooden toys in 1932. The company began creating the plastic blocks in 1947 and the rest is history!

Sarah and crew have been making videos of the plastic kind!  Bringing their creative genius to the table, the couple has created multi-platform content across the western coast, as well as the now sought after LEGO shorts on YouTube. Their channel, “Untrained Slackers” feature story lines of the imagination that include themes like Star Wars mini-features to “Will it sink or float?” boat creations made from the famous blocks. Oh, and spoiler alert… they destroy them in shocking ways at the end!!!

LEGO Untrained Slackers VidCon 2018
Untrained Slackers played at the LEGO booth at VidCon 2018


A Visit to the Panels

A quick stop to the Official LEGO Store guaranteed that supplies were replenished! Though work comes first, Sarah Woodward and Lily Khuu headed to the VidCon convention to witness the awesomeness of the behind-the-scenes process of content creation. Community panels included Youtubers such as Markiplier, Casey Neistat, Caitlin Doughty and even Sesame Street’s Elmo. The crowds almost became a literal mob that only further demonstrates the collective conscience that has been born through this creative medium.

YouTube has a staggering fan base of over 1 BILLION subscribers, proving itself a giant of the film industry — and it’s only getting bigger! Who needs cable, right? Unless you’re speaking of the Marvel character, Cable… of which is bad-ass. But that’s a whole other blog.

Visiting Vidcon was quite the experience for the Untrained Slackers. To all aspiring YouTube bloggers and LEGO enthusiasts out there, keep going! Creativity is in the eye of the beholder. Even if you have seemingly failed remember that above all, Edison discovered 1000 ways how NOT to invent a light bulb. Your passion will never be excluded from the infinite possibilities of creation! Fall Forward always, my friends!

Gracie Helbig and Boburnham at VidCon 2018
Grace Helbig interviewing Bo Burnham at VidCon 2018, Untrained Slackers


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OMG! I wish I could’ve made it to VidCon…Hopefully next year I’ll be there 🙂