Are LEGO Better Than Mega Construx?


Are LEGO Better Than Mega Construx?

In this video, the Untrained Slackers compare both types of building blocks, LEGO and Mega Construx, to see what the differences are and whether one is more superior to the other. We first inspect the outer boxes and they both seemed pretty similar. The commercial art was on the mark and both draw the eye to the packaging.  This called for a closer look.

Analysis of Mega Construx vs. LEGO Bricks

The next step was to inspect the bricks, the very building “blocks” of LEGO life! Interestingly enough and to our surprise, the bricks between the two companies interlock with one another.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s not the perfect fit. The details and contours are off due to the difference in the outer shapes of the pieces. However… they do fit together. With the appearance of the bricks, Mega Construx have a more flat matte finish, while LEGO bricks are glossy.

At the next level of the brick check stage, we shook a bag of bricks from each. The results were that the LEGO bricks were a bit more dense in sound.  The Mega Construx sounded very tinny. Some may say this tinny sound is unpleasant and could be considered a cheaper product construction wise… but there were more tests to be had! Let’s see, shall we?  It’s was time to ask the experts.

Mega Construx, and LEGO Pieces, Untrained Slackers
Mega Construx, and LEGO Pieces, Untrained Slackers


An Expert’s Hands-On Review of Mega Construx vs. LEGO Bricks

So we decided to bring in a professional. A LEGO enthusiast!  We asked our anonymous recovering LEGO addict to give their perspective on the blocks. At first glance our enthusiast commented how the colors of the Mega Construx (i.e. two different gray blocks) “do not have a consistent color.”  The contours didn’t match when pieced together. Now, we would expect that from combining the LEGO and Mega Construx, but not from one Mega Construx to another of it’s kind! And especially in the same kit.  Ahem…moving on…

From our enthusiasts comments on unnecessary color mapping within the instructions to imperfect pieces, we felt we had made our decision. Although both companies are fun to build, the LEGO bricks seemed to come out on top in this show down. So what else but to celebrate our 4th of July with our little Mega Construx Minion!  Trust me.  You don’t want to miss this!

Mega Construx Minion, Untrained Slackers
Mega Construx Minion, Untrained Slackers


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