Trump tries to build a wall on the Mexican border. Find out which robot stops him!

'Merica | Trump
‘Merica | Trump

LEGO Trump and His Wall

Is Trump qualified to be president?  Not according to this robot who stops him from building his wall!   Watch the video to find out which one:

The Untrained Slackers decided to journey out into the world and ask random peeps to describe the LEGO character of the “president” in one word. We received a few answers. From CoCo (Conan O’Brien) to “crazy”. Most of our participants however proclaimed Trump. “Crazy” would have been just as accurate description in this scenario. Overall everyone was perplexed and incredibly intrigued by the figure.

LEGO Trump
LEGO Trump

We check in on what our LEGO-in-chief is up to down at the border on the side of ‘Merica. It would seem he has decided to build the wall himself! After all, he has the greatest and brightest ideas of anyone in the universe– according to himself. Looks like he brought supplies and brought along his own personal zoo!

Building The Wall LEGO Brick-by-LEGO Brick

Dragging in the building blocks of fear and ignorance, then dumping them everywhere our president — in all his glory — speaks about how much he loves his life and how other countries attempt to outrank us in economic progress and success. Trump says we will have none of this! He must build his wall to protect us from the likes of druggies, prostitutes, and other hardcore criminals out there.  Let’s see how successful he is with his wall!

Hollywood Star | Trump
Hollywood Star | Trump

He states it’s going to be “bigger, stronger, better.” Is he secretly a fan of Daft Punk? Was that a shout out? No? Ok, moving on.

Trump spouts off with a few comments that are frightening and bewildering. Stunning us with his ever growing ego… I mean, ingenuity. He says he’s number one and he wants everyone to know it.  Having to listen to him drone on is mind-numbing until he runs into a surprise LEGO guest. Curious? Watch the video to find out!

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