Is the DJI Mavic Pro Drone Waterproof?

The Best Drone Ever!

The following is very sad news: first week out traveling I crashed the DJI Mavic Pro Drone. It landed in swampy waters. Let’s find out if the DJI Mavic Pro is waterproof. This could be the best drone ever! Well maybe, let’s Find out.

DJI Drone Fully Submerged In Water

Epic drone shot in progress; I was flying close to a bridge over Putah Creek in Davis, California. Concerned about the exposure, I was not paying attention to the proximity of the foldable drone. I was distracted, the flying camera started drifting towards a tall bush. I’ll blame it on a gust of wind-I would never make such a stupid mistake. The stabbing sound of propellers cutting through branches is something that makes my heart race. Before I could fully look up my favorite drone was pummeling into a crash landing. Immediately I ran through the algae invested waters finding it fully submerged under green goop. My heart sank; this might be the end for my DJI drone.

Mavic Pro Recovery Game Plan

Rice. Rice. Baby! I placed the Mavic Pro in a bag of rice for a solid week. Then I stored it under my passenger seat continuing on my journey. The goal was to insure no moisture was left inside the casing. Patience was key to the drone’s recovery. If I was to start the machine up too earlier it could result in absolute death.

Bag of Rice

Drone Game Plan Fail

Finally, it was time to open the bag and test the DJI Mavic Pro. There was just one problem: the drone was filled with rice. I only had one shot to get it right-things were starting to look meek. Scared to open the casing my great plan was to shake the drone until I could hear no more rice rattling around. This was a very long tedious technique with a very unlikely success rate.

Testing DJI  Drone

Test One. Two. Waterproof Results.

It was time to place a new battery into the Mavic Pro. Will my efforts pay off? Watch the video below to see what happened:

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So Happy ! you’re back in business!