Untrained Slackers

With powers combined, a group of silly individuals are able to joined forces to bring you action packed entertainment with the help of Sarah Woodward and her crazy spontaneous ideas.

Sarah Woodward, Untrained Slackers

Sarah Woodward

Creative Director

Sarah Woodward is an edgy multi-media artist who thrives on thinking outside of the box. She is known for her quick-cut editing style and an eye for detail. Sarah focuses her inspiration on the eccentricities of real life. She prefers to tell the story of humanity showing that real life can be more visually interesting than anything fiction.  She's also the master of dorkiness, which is part of her charm.

Kobe Smells, Untrained Slackers

Kobe Smells

Team Support

Kobe Smells is in charge of keeping spirits high when challenges present themselves.  As a certified emotional support animal, he uses his skill to serve the team when they need a mood boost with affection and charm.  In his spare time, Kobe is working on becoming insta-famous on Instagram - @kobesmells.

Who are we, anyway?

Honestly, we don't even truly know.  And in all reality, we don't feel that we need to.  We're okay with going with the flow of what life throws at us and taking it for a ride.  Instead of trying to mold life to us, we adapt to life.  It's a lot more fun this way.

During our journey we travel the world, play with toys, and don't let the restrictions of what society says we should do hold us back. You're always welcome to join us-let's stay connected!

As we experience what comes next, we will be opening our adventures to anyone who wants to jump on board our crazy train.  Feel free to hit us up with your bucket list -- we might make it happen!

So open your hearts, let the wild child in you free, and let your spirits roam while we take life for a ride!

Sarah Woodward with Sony a6500

Where can you find us?

We will be uploading records of our journey in the form of video content on our YouTube channel.  If you catch us in time, you can become a part of our journey!  We upload regularly, so subscribe to get updates!